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MTC Fiber Areas

Wanting to see if your address can get MTC’s Fiber service? Take a look at our Fiber areas on the map, or click the button below to check your address and sign up for service!

McDonough Telephone Cooperative Areas: (Blue areas)

  • Adair
  • Bardolph
  • Blandinsville
  • Colchester
  • Colusa
  • Good Hope
  • Industry
  • Littleton
  • Lomax
  • Raritan
  • Sciota
  • Smithshire
  • Swan Creek

MTC Communications Areas: (Green and Pink Areas)

  • Biggsville
  • Carthage
  • Carman
  • Elvaston
  • Ferris
  • Hamilton
  • Kirkwood
  • Little Swan Lake
  • Media
  • Oquawka
  • Roseville
  • Stronghurst
  • Warsaw
  • Parts of Macomb
  • Pink areas – ReConnect Grant
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Why Choose MTC's
Advanced Wi-Fi?

It’s simple: Get worry-free Wi-Fi and a reliable connection you can count on.

In today’s wireless word, it’s important to have a strong, reliable wireless network and connection. With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi with wireless network management, you’ll have access to MTC’s technical support staff to help troubleshoot and resolve issues over the phone.

If they can’t remotely fix the issue, a trained technician will come to your home and fix the issue during business hours without any additional cost.

Plus, easily manage your connection with our MTC Wi-Fi app!


what makes advanced wi-fi different?

MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi makes managing speeds of 1Gig and more than 30 connected devices look easy.

Our Wi-Fi is built with you in mind to keep you connected to all that you do. From connecting your entire home to the latest Wi-Fi to keeping your video calls and devices running without interruption, it all works for you!

Our trained technicians set up our managed router during the service installation. They can customize your network, set up a specific password and network name, and add your devices to make connecting as easy as possible.

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to MTC’s free MTC Wi-Fi app, which allows you to manage your network connection and all of your connected devices 24/7, right from the palm of your hand.

See how many connected devices you have connected, set up parental controls, monitor your network, and even add a guest network all from our free SmartHub app!

Check out our MTC Wi-Fi app tutorials!

Easily configure parental controls for your network or for specific devices with age-appropriate content filters and usage hours.

Just use our free MTC Wi-Fi app to start monitoring your device connections.

With MTC’s Advanced Wi-Fi, you’ll have access to MTC’s technical support staff to help troubleshoot and resolve issues 24/7!

If our techs can’t fix your problem over the phone, a trained technician will come to your home and fix the issue during business hours without any additional cost.

MTC Fiber Services

Get Lightning-fast Internet with Wi-Fi from MTC's FIBER.
All packages include a Gig-Wi-Fi equipped MTC Router with Managed Wi-Fi support

Unlimited Data

Symmetric Speeds

No Throttled Speeds


2-5 Devices

Mtc Internet 100 Standard


7-10 Devices

Mtc Internet 300 Premium


15+ Devices

Mtc Internet 500 PRestige

The Gig

30+ Devices

MTC Gig Internet
MTC Managed WiFi Perks

WHat comes with your MTC advanced wi-fi?

Wireless Router & Replacement

Get a high-quality, gig-capable Smart Router with Lightning-fast next-generation technology. Our router allows you to maximize network capacity to handle more devices on your network. Plus, our techs can remotely troubleshoot your connection or replace your router.

Automatic Firmware Updates

Having a secure connection is essential to protect your in-home devices. That's why we automatically update our router firmware to keep your connection secure. Plus, get real-time online protection from the most common types of malicious threats with MTC's Managed Wi-Fi.

Visits to Home

If you're experiencing trouble with your MTC router service, and our techs can't solve the issue by remotely troubleshooting your connection, MTC will send a tech to your home during business hours without any additional cost.

Existing Wiring & Jacks

Our Advanced Wi-Fi and managed protection covers the existing wiring and jacks on the ONT and in the home or business. Additional wiring can be added for a one-time charge.

Ready to Switch to reliable Internet?

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MTC Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say:

“Great internet service! The best I have had. The customer service is phenomenal. I wasn't getting good coverage to an area of my house. The service tech was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. He took time to identify and correct the issue.”
Josie T.
“Great fiberoptic service. Have had this service for 9 months and no issues. Friendly and knowledgeable office staff . Would definitely recommend this company to be your next service provider.👍.”
Chuck F.
“Everyone was so nice and very informative when it came to answering all my questions. The tech guy, I think his name was Zach, he was amazing! Totally down to earth, loved him!”
Carla F.
“First of all let me just say the office is so warm and cozy. The colors of the walls and the floor is so very nice and homey. Everybody chipped in everybody was efficient and problem was solved thank you so much.”
Debra S.

210 N. Coal St.

Colchester, IL 62326

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